Learn how we provide safe web browsing with our URL Filtering service

  • Reduce the risk of infection from dangerous websites and protect users and data from malware and credential-phishing pages.
  • Protection across the attack lifecycle through integration with WildFire and the Security Operating Platform.
  • Keep protections synchronized with the latest threat intelligence through our cloud-based URL categorization for phishing, malware and undesired content.
  • Full visibility and threat inspection into normally opaque web traffic through granular control over SSL decryption.


五大步驟方法簡化零信任 實作

只需遵循五個步驟方法,即可輕鬆部署零信任網路。本白皮書將深入說明這些 步驟,並聚焦介紹 Palo Alto Networks 如何提供滿足各步驟所需的緊密整合平 台,從而簡化保護關鍵資產的程序。

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OCBC NISP 銀行運用 Palo Alto Networks 新世代安全平台將管理時間減半

經常當選 Global Finance 雜誌「全球最安全銀行」之一的 OCBC NISP 銀行是印尼國內歷史最悠久且規模最大的銀行之一。該銀行成立於 1941 年,如今有大約 7,000 位員工,在印尼國內共設立 340 處分行。

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